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Do you…

Feel overwhelmed when talking to you native English speaking coworkers?

Go out with friends and feel a bit awkward about going up to a pretty girl or handsome guy and asking them out in English?

Have a big job interview coming up for a job you really want, but you’re a little worried about how your English will sound in the interview?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those, don’t worry. You are not alone. American English is one of the most confusing languages around. Even if you’ve mastered the grammar, the syntax, the pronunciation, and the memorization with all the weird rules and contexts, you still have to deal with the huge number of American idioms and colloquialisms. You know, those weird sayings that don’t seem to make sense, even if you know the meaning of the words being used? Those are idioms and colloquialisms, and every language has them, but American English might have the most of all. And, if you want to achieve communication improvement, learning to use the idioms and phrases is absolutely important.

For those who do want to achieve English communication improvement, TalkTrain English idiom courses are your best bet. TalkTrain is designed around helping English as a second language students achieve communication improvement, because it was designed in part by ESL students who found that learning about American idioms and colloquialisms was the final step in learning to speak English naturally. We’ve gathered together 750 of the most useful phrases in the American English language and designed a program around them.

With TalkTrain, English communication improvement won’t just mean you can ace a grammar test or pass a class; it will help you gain the confidence you need to join in conversations and meet new English speaking people. Armed with your new knowledge of American idioms, you’ll be able to land that job, speak up in that meeting, and meet that girl or guy.

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